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BREAKING: HOOCH Expands to Arizona With Acquisition of Tipsy

LEADING NYC BASED COCKTAIL, NIGHTLIFE TECHNOLOGY APP HOOCH EXPANDS TO ARIZONA WITH ACQUISITION OF TIPSY APP Hooch Names Top Executives to Further its Market and Technology Offerings   New York, NY (August 24, 2016)— HOOCH, a members only cocktail app, today, announced its expansion to Phoenix, AZ. with the acquisition of Tipsy, a regional nightlife app that allows users to skip lines, waive cover fees

BREAKING: HOOCH Expands to Arizona With Acquisition of Tipsy2017-08-21T16:14:25+00:00

BREAKING: HOOCH Expands Internationally To Hong Kong

HOOCH EXPANDS INTERNATIONALLY BRINGS NEW COCKTAIL EXPERIENCE TO HONG KONG Private Cocktail Society App partners with leading Asia dining platform to enter Asian Market New York, NY— (July 11, 2016) HOOCH, a members only cocktail app available in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas and Austin, today, announced its expansion to Hong Kong, marking its first international launch. Rapidly growing since its debut in November 2015,

BREAKING: HOOCH Expands Internationally To Hong Kong2017-08-21T16:15:27+00:00

BREAKING: HOOCH Acquires Prominent Nightlife Apps FLUX & GROTTO

  LEADING NYC BASED COCKTAIL APP HOOCH ACQUIRES PROMINENT NIGHTLIFE APPS FLUX AND GROTTO Private Cocktail Society App Furthers Its Technology and Growth Strategy New York, NY (June 22, 2016)— HOOCH, a members only cocktail app, today, announced its acquisition of Flux, an on-demand concierge App that grants access to the hottest nightclubs, bars, lounges and sold-out concerts to users in NYC and the Hamptons,

BREAKING: HOOCH Acquires Prominent Nightlife Apps FLUX & GROTTO2017-08-21T16:15:55+00:00

The Caesar Snacker Cocktail

THE CAESAR SNACKER COCKTAIL It’s Tuesday and you may be twirling your chair at your desk thinking “Man, what happened to the weekend?!” and we hear you. However, as much as I love the weekend, I am also a believer that you should extend that same Friyay feeling whenever possible. That's why we created Hooch! So that you could have a treat every day on

The Caesar Snacker Cocktail2016-10-04T17:27:55+00:00

8 Cocktails for Fall

8 Cocktails for Fall Guest Blogger: Katie Stryjewski, Garnish It’s that time of year again - the leaves are changing, the air is turning crisp and cool, and suddenly everything seems to have pumpkin in it. It’s officially fall! And that means your cocktails should be changing too. It’s time to swap out your mojitos and margaritas for more autumn-appropriate libations. The best way to

8 Cocktails for Fall2016-09-29T17:28:57+00:00

Popsicle Mimosa

As part of our #HOOCHHowDoYouDrinkYours series we decided to showcase some fun ways to drink your alcohol! These boozy popsicle mimosas (poptails!), served in a glass of sparkling wine, are like: Hello inner child. Have a drink. Here’s a conundrum for you: summer is almost over. Frosty cocktails seem like the perfect way to chill out. These poptails are the perfect way to keep your drink

Popsicle Mimosa2016-09-26T18:42:48+00:00

3 ingredient Watermelon Margaritas

3 ingredient Watermelon Margaritas BEST WATERMELON MARGARITAS (3 INGREDIENTS!) We’ve made watermelon margaritas before, but none as simple as this. We’re talking 3 ingredients. No sweeteners. Just tequila. Just lime juice. Just blended watermelon. THAT’S IT. It truly is the best watermelon marg on the block (pats self on shoulder).   To make watermelon juice simply throw a bunch of watermelon in a blender and blend into juice!

3 ingredient Watermelon Margaritas2016-09-25T19:33:04+00:00

Fleur Collins Recipe

Even though it’s not summer anymore (and it won’t be for nearly another year!), my food and drink brain is all summer, all the time. This cocktail is a riff on a classic Tom Collins-minus the cherry, plus sweet floral notes from fragrant elderflower and violet liqueurs. I would even call this drink feminine, not because it’s girly and cloying, but because it’s lush, just sweet,

Fleur Collins Recipe2016-09-22T16:04:34+00:00

10 Best Floral Cocktails

10 Best Floral Cocktails We are always looking at ways to make our drinks more aesthetically pleasing. Cocktails are all about fusion: mixing sweet and sour, spirits and syrups, style and substance. We have created the perfect list of our 10 favorite floral cocktails you can make to impress your guests—or simply satisfy your inner mixologist. Many cocktail recipes have long included flowers, either through floral

10 Best Floral Cocktails2016-09-20T09:00:16+00:00

Ginger Beer Cherry Soda Recipe

Ginger Beer Cherry Soda Recipe Hey you guys! Happy Thursday! Alright, so we're kind of obsessed with Ginger beer at the Hooch HQ. So this is a little recipe we discovered that we adore. Happy sipping! Start out by making a quick, cherry simple syrup. I like to use honey to keep things on the healthier side, plus, I kind of just love the flavors of

Ginger Beer Cherry Soda Recipe2016-09-14T23:22:00+00:00
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