Let’s plan a girl’s weekend!

We’ve all heard it, most of us have said it ourselves. What are we really thinking when we say this? Whose planning this? How are we going to pay? Whose all going? How will we get there?

The questions are endless and so are our options.

It’s such a great idea that we’d spend time much needed R&R with our best pals, but the planning process can be daunting. Lucky for you, HOOCH has got the inside scoop. Living in a hot metropolitan spot like NYC, you’ve got access to so many great hotels, restaurants, and social events, but what about when you want a weekend away on the beach…Virginia Beach? Now you might all be saying, who goes there and what’s there to do? Well, you’re guaranteed to have an exceptional experience thanks HOOCH BLACK!

Simply scanning through your HOOCH BLACK app, you’ll notice several hotels right on the beach. You deserve to wake up to the sound of the ocean waves, walk to the beach in less than a minute, rent bikes and stroll the Boardwalk. Yes, please!

After noticing such a discount on the hotels right on the beach, why not spend the same amount of money but stay in the trendiest of hotels? Ocean Beach Club Resort, here we come! Original price on the hotel was $206 and with your HOOCH Black status, 20% off the hotel brought each night to $165. What a steal!


You can get it all for a great deal thanks to HOOCH BLACK!