Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Dec 1, 2018

What is HOOCH?

HOOCH is a free app powered by TAP rewards technology that rewards you for your everyday purchases across 100,000+ travel, dining, hospitality and entertainment partners.

What is TAP?

TAP is a universal rewards technology platform that rewards you based on your everyday credit card purchases and is built with blockchain technology that securely stores your data with your permission. You can learn more about TAP here.

How do I earn rewards?

Rewards can be earned at 100,000+ partners when you:

  • Make purchases at any affiliated bars or restaurants
  • Book hotels through our private booking engine which provides savings as high as 70%
  • Make online or in-app purchases with affiliated partners  
  • Connect multiple cards
  • Refer friends

What can I redeem with my earned TAP Coins?

TAP can be used to:

  • Redeem gift cards from brands you love such as Amazon, Uber, Nike, Starbucks and AMC
  • Book hotel rooms in-app
  • Access special events and entertainment experiences
  • Redeem for cocktails or dining options at top venues

What membership tiers are available and what do they cost?

    • Free to download and join; simply connect your credit card(s) to verify transactions and start earning. Members receive 5% back on eligible purchases as well as for a limited time, access to unpublished hotel rates up to 70% lower than publicly available rates.
    • Upgrade for $9.99/month, and receive 1 free drink every day, 5% back on eligible purchases plus applicable bonus earnings subject to availability, and permanent access to lowest unpublished hotel rates.
    • Upgrade for just $295/year and receive 1 free drink every day with additional premium venues and cocktail options, up to 10% back on eligible purchases, permanent access to lowest unpublished hotel rates, access to special events, ticket giveaways, luxury brand discounts, and celeb experiences. Learn more here.

What are my TAP Coins worth?

  • $1 TAP always = $1 USD worth of rewards
  • Members earn 5% – 10% back on any qualified hotel, dining or retail/e-commerce purchases. For example, if you spend $100 at a partner restaurant before tax and gratuity, you will receive $5 TAP if you are HOOCH member (5%)* and up to (10%) with certain partners if you are a HOOCH BLACK member.

*Rewards % may vary from partner to partner, up-to-date rewards % are always published in App.

Will I still receive status or rewards points within a hotel chains loyalty program?

Yes, your elite status with most top hotel chains will be recognized, along with benefits such as late checkout, upgrades, breakfast, etc. that come with your hotel-specific tier status. Please inform the hotel of your status at check-in. You will also earn reward points from any credit card rewards program on the card you use for the charge. You may or may not receive additional hotel rewards points as they are rewarded differently from chain to chain based on each chain’s policy.

Do my TAP Coins ever expire?

No, TAP never expires!

Can I “cash out” my TAP Coins?

  • No, you cannot cash out TAP. $1 TAP guarantees $1 of rewards redemption within the TAP ecosystem, including redeeming for gift cards to top merchants such as Amazon, Starbucks, Uber and more.

Why use this platform instead of another rewards platform?

Simple, you get more! A lot more. Our points have a higher value than our competitors and you’re also receiving 5-10% back on all purchases depending on your membership tier. Plus earning rewards with HOOCH is not exclusive, so you’re free to earn points from providers such as your credit card company on the same purchase.

You’re asking for my credit card, is this secure?

Your security is our priority. TAP technology is blockchain based and we work with best-in-class financial software companies featuring bank-level encryption to ensure your data is always safe. HOOCH never stores your credit card data, your data is secured by our 3rd party partners used by top financial institutions and companies such as American Express, Bank of America, Venmo, and Intuit. Learn more about our privacy policy and what we do to secure your data here.

How do I link a card and get started?

Download HOOCH app and sign up. Launch the TAP wallet from the top right corner of your HOOCH app. You will be prompted to link as many cards as you’d like. For each card account* you link you will earn $5 TAP. After setup, you may link additional card accounts within the TAP wallet screen.

* If you have multiple cards under one bank or card issuer account, they are treated as one card account.

How do I see my linked cards?

You can view your linked cards in the TAP Wallet screen, under “Manage Accounts”.

What types of venues are on HOOCH?
We partner with top hotels worldwide, and restaurants and bars across the US and Hong Kong and are constantly expanding. Hotel bookings are available in just about every major city in the world, and cocktails may be redeemed in: NYC, MIA, LA, SF, AUS, SD, DAL, and HK.

How soon after subscribing can I use TAP or redeem a cocktail?
Cocktail redemptions are available immediately after signing up for HOOCH PLUS or HOOCH BLACK membership. TAP earnings are available immediately after sign up as well. Currently, TAP network is in beta mode and new rewards redemption options are added on a rolling basis. We expect full rewards redemption options to be public by Q1, 2019.

Can I go to multiple venues and get drinks in each with HOOCH PLUS or HOOCH BLACK membership?
You may redeem one complimentary cocktail per day with HOOCH PLUS or HOOCH BLACK membership. For additional drink redemptions, you will be charged the applicable amount in TAP from your in-app balance at venues accepting TAP.

HOOCH PLUS is great! How do I invite friends to join?

Simply click “Referrals” on the bottom toolbar and share with as many friends as you’d like! You’ll receive a free month of HOOCH PLUS membership for each friend who signs up for HOOCH PLUS.

How do I cancel my HOOCH PLUS or HOOCH BLACK membership?
– Membership subscriptions may be canceled anytime, however, refunds will not be granted for unused months or unused TAP balances. Deleting the app itself does NOT automatically unsubscribe you. To cancel your subscription, please go to menu > subscription > unsubscribe OR send an email to members@hooch.co

Additional questions? We love to chat. Reach us anytime at members@hooch.co