If there was ever more of a reason to enjoy beer, it would be International Beer Day – the holiday where we rejoice together to celebrate the lovers, makers and servers of beer. As International Beer Day comes sneaking around the corner on August 4th, here are some fun facts to bring to the bar when you’re taking back a pint during your celebrations!

America Loves Their Beer

America ranks as #1 in the world for being the top producer of craft beer. As of 2017, we have over 4,750 craft breweries out of 5,025 total breweries around the country. These craft breweries consist of brewpubs and microbreweries. Our love for unique, flavorful and balanced beer has been rising in popularity. Craft beer has become one of the trendiest things that America has come to love, next to unicorn-colored foods (or rainbow anything, actually) and Grumpy Cat.

The States that Love Craft Beer the Most

Is there a correlation between lovers of plaid, hiking and organic everything and lovers of beer? Possibly. The states where craft breweries have made themselves most at home are Vermont, Maine, Oregon, Colorado and Wyoming. These states have the highest number of breweries per capita, with Vermont coming in at 11.7 breweries per 100,000 people.

If you’re looking to tour around America to get the most breweries for your buck, head to California, Washington, Colorado, New York or Oregon. California has over 600 breweries, which includes one of the most notable breweries, Sierra Nevada. The founder of Sierra Nevada, Ken Grossman, has been trekking onwards in a world full of large corporate competitors (try competing as a small fry with the introduction of Miller Lite). He also embraced Cascade hops in the 1980s before hoppiness was the thing to enjoy in your beer. Amidst all the competition and being ahead of their time, they survived and can be easily found at many local bars across America today.

PBR is One of the Oldest Breweries in America 

You know that bucket of PBR you get for $10 at your local bar? Well, that beer comes from one of the oldest breweries in America. PBR oddly goes hand-in-hand with the hipster trend of craft beer. While we all know it fondly as the beer that gives you the best bang for your buck, believe it or not, it was looking very bleak for PBR until only recently. Pabst Brewing Company began in 1844, and sales were dipping slowly over time. It was looking so sad that they had to close their flagship store in Milwaukee in the late 1990s. Then in the early to mid-2000s, they discovered the bloodline to their survival: millennials. With some handiwork in sponsoring events tailored to the young and hip (like bike messenger rodeos) and some contests that welcomed drawings from their fans, their reputation (and their bottom line) was given a second life.

Beer Lovers Rejoice at the Great American Beer Festival

One of the most renowned beer festivals is the Great American Beer Festival (I mean, if you’re going to be called the “Great American” anything, the expectations are pretty high). This festival takes place in Denver, Colorado in September and goes on for three days. There are over 100 categories of beer-styles for brewers to compete for a gold, silver or bronze medal. Over 100 judges come in from across the country and get to smelling, swirling and sampling of beers in search of the best ones. In 2017 alone, there were over 800 participating breweries and close to 4,000 different beers served.


The Oldest Bar in America is the White Horse Tavern

If you’ve got a bucket list of bars to visit, this is the one you need to put on top. Head to Newport, Rhode Island for the oldest bar in America. It’s so old that America wasn’t even free yet, but rather just a bunch of old English colonies still trying to get their lives together. The doors of the tavern opened in 1673 (no bathrooms or other modern conveniences) and went through centuries of American history, serving as a place for important people to talk about important things over pints of beer. The tavern was restored in 1957 to what you see today, where you can come and sip a beer over a nice rack of ribs in a piece of American history (dinnertime dress code is enforced, so dress to impress).

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3ZcmgmXU6o]

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