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Hooch is the first ever members only cocktail App. We buy our members a round at any participating venue. Once a member “redeems”, the App blocks him/her from redeeming anywhere else for the rest of the day, encouraging the member to stay at the same venue and pay for additional drinks.

[ut_service_icon_box url=”#” color=”#00a79d” icon=”fa-users” headline=”New Customers & Revenue” width=”third”]On Average, our members spend $32 or more per visit in addition to their complimentary drink. [/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box url=”#” color=”#00a79d” icon=”fa-line-chart” headline=”Marketing & Analytics” width=”third”]In addition to Daily redemption reports and Monthly customer summary, Hooch will promote our partner venues through:
• Our weekly newsletters
• Promo team with regular bar spends
• Host membership events at venue[/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box url=”#” color=”#00a79d” icon=”fa-usd” headline=”Paid Membership Referrals” width=”third” last=”true”]We want to help venues retain your best customers. Join the optional Paid Referrals Program and get up to $10K per month.
• Offer your best customers a Hooch VIP Invite Card after they paid their tab
• Hooch will deliver dynamic email marketing for venue to that customer
• Partner venue gets a commission when customer pays for Hooch Membership.[/ut_service_icon_box]


Our Members

Hooch is a Private Cocktail Society and Hooch Membership is by Invitation Only. With over 50,000 people on our wait list, our members are vetted through a series of criteria. We are building a community of diverse individuals who are today’s influencers and tomorrow’s leaders in media, technology, finance, fashion, sports, entertainment, and more.

Our Company

Started by industry insiders who want to take care of friends and VIP clients going out to bars and clubs, today Hooch is a fast growing mobile technology company backed by major companies in finance and telecommunications, as well as celebrity led venture funds.

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